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PWA studio with multiple website and multiple stores


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I want to create 2 websites one for domestic and another one for international with PWA. is it possible to call both websites with one URL?

Explanation: Suppose i've a URL example.com and i want to call both websites with this URL.

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This sounds more like a web developer question... something that would be done long before you start talking about Analytics...


However, in theory, since PWAs use the server to build the result and send the HTML to the browser, this should be possible.. (either using the IP address to know where to send traffic, or maybe local storage where users could choose which version they want to use, etc). When it comes to Analytics you would need a good data layer to properly identify the variation the user is on...


However, the real question you should be asking is SHOULD you create a website like that??


Here are some questions and concerns you should be considering:

  • What happens if a user gets stuck in the wrong version? How can they easily switch to the correct version (knowing that some users are not tech savvy, some people have trouble navigating when an incorrect language is loaded.. let alone a completely different version of the site)
  • How do you expect Google to properly index your site? If Google always see Version A, then version B won't get proper representation
  • What happens when people bookmark a page (and maybe revisit while on vacation), or share a link to someone in another country... the expected page may not be loaded... this could lead to confusion as to the different behaviours

You really need to look at all angles of what you are trying to achieve and where it could potentially cause issues for you or your users before making such a decision... then, if you really want to proceed, you should be talking to proper web developers about if they can make it work, and also plan ahead about how your team will test all versions of the sites and how you will identify and collect tracking information.