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Proper use of MobileCore.configureWith


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Hello everyone, I am currently integrating Adobe Analytics into an iOS application.

After executing 'MobileCore.configureWith(filePath:)' I want to safely remove the configuration file and set another internal state. Unfortunately, the function does not provide a completion block in which I could do this safely.


I also tried to work with an event listener.
'MobileCore.registerEventListener(type: EventType.configuration, source: EventSource.requestContent) {event in ..}'


But that didn't work very well, because the listener reacted to all events with
'type: EventType.configuration' and 'source: 'EventSource.requestContent'. For example also to 'MobileCore.setPrivacyStatus(..)'


Also, I am not sure if it is safe to use the types 'EventType' and 'EventSource' at all, as they are not in the API Reference (https://developer.adobe.com/client-sdks/home/base/mobile-core/api-reference/#start).


Does anyone have an idea?


Thank you in advance.

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Just curious, Is the Adobe Analytics Extension still working for IOS Mobile SDK? I thought we are using Edge to send events now in new integrations.