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Problem with opening links in new tab.


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I've got a project that contains a number of links that need to open in a new tab.  Before I started the Adobe Analytic process of adding the launch script and dataLayers, I didn't have any issues with this.  However, after adding the staging launch script, it for whatever reason prevents these links from opening in a new tab.  They all have the usual target="_blank" attribute, but the launch script is somehow breaking this.  I've tried removing all other javascript references from the page, but it still happens unless I remove the launch script.  Once I do that, it works perfectly.

Has anyone run into this issue before?  I could technically use a bit of JS to force each link to open in a new tab (window.open), but I'd rather not have to go through the entire website and fix all these links.


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I've not seen such an issue before... it might help if I could see this behaviour in action?


If you don't feel comfortable sharing a URL to the public, you can send me a direct message... 


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The Adobe Launch JavaScript should not break the opening link in the new tab. However, you may wish to check what rules had been fired and if any other JavaScript was injected into your page via Launch may break the desired behaviour.

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