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Pricing of Adobe Sensei GenAI, Marketo or Firefly


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Hi there!


I am student in Denmark and I would like to know what is the price of Adobe Experience Cloud package or just Sensei GenAI, Marketo and Firefly.

Yes I am a student, but this is for a real company. A media agency that creates video content  creation. I was looking into both Adobe Marketo, Adobe Sensei and Firefly. These three combined would be the perfect package for the agency, as they do not perform any marketing strategies.

That is why I would like to know the prices of either one of them or all of them, as it would be a perfect combination for a media agency that does video content creation. This will help me present a final solution to my problem-statement.  


Please please help me here


Is there anyone that could provide me the prices?


I would really appreciate if someone could help me as this is for my bachelor's project which is due very soon.


Kind regards,



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Good Luck! Hopefully one of the employees will forward this off to the correct department to contact you.


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Sensei and Firefly aren't standalone products. Sensei is Adobe's platform that provides machine learning capabilities to Adobe's products. Generative AI is a function in Sensei for generating content. And Firefly is a feature in Photoshop that uses Generative AI.

Learn more:

So out of the 3 items that you've mentioned, Marketo is really the only product that you can buy from Adobe. You can try asking about Marketo at https://nation.marketo.com/