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Ihave something that has been bugging me for a long time about Photoshop, which I love more than anything:
It's about the so-called 3D features in Photoshop.
Honestly-this is a construction site and no one really uses the 3D features. It's hard to work with and not very intuitive. Everything about Photoshop is really great, but these 3D features are like a stigma and annoying.
Why don't you kick them out of Photoshop completely or it needs a general and complete overhaul. Because as the 3D functions are currently present in Photoshop, no one works with it and it also brings no real fun.
At the moment, you either have to get ready-made 3D models somewhere else and use them in your composings, for example, or you have to master a real 3D program in addition, such as Maya, Blender, etc.
But as it is currently in Photoshop around 3D, it goes no further, for years. Something has to happen relatively soon.


best regards Thom
I love Photoshop and for me it is without competition!

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This is the wrong forum to ask about Photoshop. Go to Photoshop on Adobe Support Community instead.