Page Name (v1 - evar1) vs. Entry Page



Hi all,

I am trying to report website activity by different pages on the site. I wanted to know which variable should be used - Page Name (v1 - evar1) or Entry Page or some other variable?

Also, what is the difference between these two? I think Entry page is the first page on which the user landed. So does that mean that any download or video play on a subsequent page will be attributed to Entry page, when using this variable? Let me know.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Pagename: The pageName variable should be populated with a value that business users recognize. In most cases the pageName value is not the URL or the path to the file. Common pageName values include names such as "Home Page," "Checkout," "Purchase Thank you," or "Registration." More info on pagename is at: pageName

Entries: Entries represents the number of times a given value is captured as the first value in a visit. Entries can occur only once per visit. However, it is not necessarily the first hit if the variable is not defined. Entry pages have a visit breakdown scope, meaning they persist across all hits for a visit.

Please go through the below link to understand the behavior of the entry pages:

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Answers (6)




On the backend, entry page takes the first pageName value and persists it for the entire visit. This means you are able to tie downloads or video plays to the page they originally entered on.



I can give you an example.

If I visits 4 pages (3 different). Will it count as 3 entries (because it is 3 different pages), 1 entry page (the first page), 4 page views and 1 visit?