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OAuth Web credentials settings went back in the past


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Last week I did some experimentation with the "redirect URI" and "redirect URI pattern" properties of an OAuth Web credentials object. It took some trial and error to figure out the right settings.
Today, when I try to authenticate, the redirect URI that I'm passing in the query string is rejected by the pattern (while it shouldn't -- it worked last Friday) and I'm redirected to a URL that I changed something like a week ago. When I'm looking at the "Activity Log" tab, I see no entry more recent than a week ago, while I actually made quite a lot of modifications after that.
It looks like the credentials object properties were restored to a previous state.

The most confusing thing is that the "Credentials / OAuth Web" tab shows one state (the one I want) while the "Activity log" tab shows another state (the one from last week) and it's the outdated one that seems to be actually operating.

Any insight would be more than welcome!

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This one might be an investigation for Client Care, who will actually be able to dig into your accounts and the backend and get more insights into what is happening.


Good Luck!