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Not able to access Adobe Experience Cloud, received below message. Any help is appreciated.


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Screenshot 2022-12-12 134243.png

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Is this your first time using Adobe Analytics? Or are you an existing user and this just started recently?


A while ago, Adobe split our accounts into "personal" and "organization" accounts, first make sure you are logged in with your organization account.


Second, check that your administrator added your account access properly. If you are the Admin, can you log into the Admin account and make sure that your login is properly added to the Adobe Analytics product (either directly, or via a User Group - not sure how your organization structured their account access). If you are not an Admin, reach out to your administrator to make sure that your account has been granted the correct rights, and that if you are an existing user that you weren't accidentally removed from those rights.


Next, double check if you are still getting this issue... in case there was a temporary access issue when you got the error.


If all else fails, log out, clear all your Adobe cookies (or try logging in with Incognito mode) to ensure that this isn't a result of cookie corruption.


If everything looks good, as in you or your admin has confirmed your access rights, you are logged into the correct organization account, and the issue is still occurring; you may have to get client care involved to do a deep dive into why your account is having issues.


Good luck.