Need help with the KPI Carts



I have a questin about the KPI Carts.

How does carts counts?

In a total view I have for example 100 carts. But when I look at the product view I have also 100 carts.

Should it not be more carts when I look at the products?

Example: If I put two products in my cart (one categorize ladies and one men). On a total view there will 1 carts. Should there not be 2 carts when I break it on the products? (one cart for men and one cart for ladies)? Now when I do this it sum up to the same level as the total.


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Accepted Solutions (1)



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Hello Erik,

Glad you found my answers helpful!

Let me try to answer your question, let's assume you add 2 products say, a Nike sneakers and an Adidas sneakers to your cart and finally place an order. In this scenarios, this is how Adobe Analytics would read things:

1. If you open Products report, there will be 2 different SKUs for each of these sneakers.

2. If you add Carts metric to this Products report, it should show 1 Cart for each of them because you created just ONE cart for both of them.

3. If you add the metric 'Cart Additions', it will have 1 Cart Additions against each of the sneakers.

4. In case you would have ordered 2 Nike sneakers and an Adidas sneakers, then it will have 2   'Cart Additions' for Nike and 1 for Adidas.

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