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hanishkathpal 09-04-2018

Hello Guys,

We are planning to implement a tracking which can help us to see our navigation relevancy based on some metric such as product view, cart addition etc. In the end we need data in the following format which will be used to compute relevancy score using various method e.g. Discounted Cumulative Gain etc.

DateNavigation CategorySource Page Name
Landing Page NameLanding Page Page Number
Clicked Position on CatalogProduct Views
Cart addition

Rings : Ruby

Home pagebrowse : rings14100908070
04/09/2018Pendants : Diamondbrowse : earringsbrowse : diamond pendants21200180160140
04/09/2018Earrings : SapphireHome Pagebrowse : earrings1550403020

I understand that eVar will be needed to capture such data and its allocation should be most recent.

The major challenge for me to define the scenario when eVar should capture the details. These are the following scenario I thought which have some drawback with it,

  1. If I fire eVar in Navigation click then following value such as landing page, clicked position get credit for success event happen after it.
  2. If I fire eVar on every action related to all the details in the above table, then every value before success event will be of no use and will increase the cost.
  3. If I fire eVar on any success event e.g. product view, then if user do not view an product and use the navigation I won't be able to know that data i.e. irrelevancy details.

Please let me know your input to the problem.

You can visit our site : and understand how navigation work on it.

Thanks & Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


You'll want 5 eVars: one for each navigation dimension you want to track.

You can define the eVars whenever you need; landing page ones on the first page load, and navigation click ones on click. Since eVars persist server-side, you wouldn't need to do anything else to tie them to conversion metrics - just make sure their expiration in the admin console are correctly set (they default to visit).

Keep in mind that this would require an extra link tracking call in addition to the page load call that loads on each page, so be careful you don't exceed the number of server calls in your contract if you opt to do this.

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