My Report Suite Manager not showing all report suites

TomEBG 15-06-2017

Hi Adobe Forum Group,

My company currently has 8 websites set up as unique report suites in Adobe Analytics. When I go into my Report Suite Manager, I can only see 1 website but not the rest. However, I can see those report suites in User Management under Report Suites. Can someone please help?

Thank you,


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TomEBG 16-06-2017

Hi Karandeep,

My login company is Entertainment Benefits. I was able to resolve the issue, 1. by making myself and admin and 2. by giving myself full access to report suite manager. I was able to resolve the issue. Thanks for the reply, Karandeep!


Report Suite view.PNG

TomEBG 16-06-2017

Greetings Løjmann!

Thank you kindly for the response. I do see that option and although the missing report suite weren't hidden, I figured out that all report users in the User menu didn't have full access to the report suite manager. So, I asked an admin to grant me access to that portion of report suite manager and now I am able to see all report suites!

Thanks for your answer, but at least I now know that that is an option.


Løjmann 15-06-2017

Hi Tom,

Under Admin, there is a link called 'Hide Report Suites' (click on Admin in the top menu to see it), there you can see if some of your Report Suites are hidden.



HI Tom ,

Can you please attach the snapshot of the issue and your login company name to get the clarity on the issue .


Karandeep Singh