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My Posted Questions and Comments Are Not Appearing Live


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Recently, I posted some questions and comments on various discussions, but my posts are not visible to the public. As a professional I respect community guidelines and follow the same while creating posts. timely review all the posts and live them. I would appreciate any assistance or information on the same.


Thank you.

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That's odd, I've not heard of anyone having that issue before... for what it's worth, I can see this question.


I also looked at your account... I see two questions from Aug 3rd, but that are posted to different forums:


Re: Implement HTTPS on Tomcat Server for Pega application
was posted to the Adobe Experience Cloud Discussions (not even in questions)




Re: Enable search campaigns through Adobe Advertising cloud

was posted to Adobe Advertising Cloud Discussions (not even in questions)



Are you sure that these aren't visible to the public? Or are you expecting them to show here in the Adobe Analytics forum, or more specifically the Adobe Analytics Questions area....


Adobe has a lot of different products, and each forum is split into Questions, Discussions, Ideas and Blogs (there is also an "All" where you can see these 4 rolled up)... but if you post to a different product by accident that could explain why you aren't seeing them here.