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Multiple calls firing on PageLoad


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Hi Team,


I'm working on Adobe Analytics implementation which is not a SPA . I'm using Adobe Launch as a TagManager for Analytics implementation and website has Event Driven dataLayer. I have used s.abort=true; to suppress the multiple calls but it didn't worked.


Help is highly appreciate in resolving the issue. 







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Can you show me the triggers for this rule?


Also, is it possible that multiple rules could be firing?


Can you go into your browser's console, and turn on satellite debugging:

// Turn on Satellite Debugging

// Turn off Satellite Debugging


With debugging on, you will get logging in your console about what rules are firing... can you see this rule triggered twice, or are there 2 different rules running that are causing multiple versions of tracking?


Keep in mind, that if a rule has 2 triggers on it, and both return "true", then the rule will actually run twice... the triggers aren't a "if the first passes, stop processing the triggers", so you can sometimes have multiple due to this.. but this is an easy solution...



You can add a "Max Frequency" condition on your rule, to prevent the rule from being triggered multiple time simultaneously:





1 second should be more than enough to prevent the rule triggering multiple times.



However, if the issue is two separate rules are being triggered, you will need to either figure out how to identify those triggers to unique scenarios, or to combine those 2 rules into one rule and use the Max Frequency condition.


Good Luck.