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Multi Suite Tagging Issue


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Hi Team ,


We have three different DTM Property A, B, C and different Report Suite working fine . But now the requirement on top of this three report suite have to create one more report suite(Global) that report suite should record all the event A, B, C. 


I'd tried as per the below image but in global report suite tracking not working . Any suggestion Please !!!






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Honestly, I've not tried sending to multiple suites in this manner... but sending to multiple suites does cost extra money...


IF your contract supports "secondary calls" you will be charged .5 the cost for the second suite... if you don't have that, you will incur a full "second" server call each time a tracking call is made. Essentially your server call usage will double (you should check your current allocation and where you are in relation to your contract)


With Virtual Suites, tracking to multiple no longer makes sense.... The preferred method is to send the tracking calls to your Global Suite (and using a parameter like server, or a custom prop/evar) to hold the site value... then to create segments for SiteA, SiteB and SiteC, and set up Virtual Suites for each site..


You will get the same result much more efficiently, and it won't cost as much money.


See https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/analytics/components/virtual-report-suites/vrs-about.html?la...


It should be noted that the table labeled "Virtual Report Suites vs. Multi-suite Tagging" is a bit misleading on some points.


The real-time/current data point is a reference to the old Reports (something that is being sunset next year anyway)... In Workspace the data shows up at the same time as my global suite... there is no delay.


Classifications also are inherited from the parent suite, all my classifications show up in my workspaces.




While I get that this is a big decision; since getting rid of the individual suites means losing historical data trending (i.e. you start from scratch on a Global Suite)... in the long run this is a lot easier to maintain and as I mentioned above will save your company money..... It would be worth your while to seriously consider this shift.. if you do go this route, the sooner the better (it will be less work)


Good Luck.


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Test that your AA beacons are firing properly. You can use the Adobe Experience Platform Debugger extension for your web browser to help you to troubleshoot.