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Missing traffic thourght whole website


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We are using Adobe Analytics and for campaigns Adform.


Adform reporting to us that thought it we have got 40 000 clicks on specific landing page. However Adobe Analytics reporting to us all traffic 7000.


Large part of Refferer Type we have Typed/Bookmarked and UTM sources Unspecified large part of traffic too.


Like 95% of traffic from some UTM sources is missing.


Where can be problem? Can be in implementation, or in website or what we should check to minimalize this traffic difference.


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Check your implementation to verify that you are, indeed, sending data to AA properly from your Adform page. You can use the AEP Debugger browser extension to verify the data being sent from your browser. Make sure to test with all possible scenarios, e.g. with your UTM tags, when coming from another website, maybe as an IFRAME in another page (if you have that kind of integration).