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Measure visits in 30 days after publishing


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Hi everyone,


I want to set up a dashboard or report where I can track how many visits a certain group of pages receives on average in the first 30 days after publishing (or first week, first quarter, etc.).


I have access to the publishing date as an eVar but I'm unsure how to use it to create my report dashboard.


Anyone have experience with building something similar? I'd be happy for any hints on how to get started.

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This would be a really cool feature... I just don't know if it's currently possible....


Basically, your publishing date is stored as text (not as a date)... and we can't use regex in our segments.... so there is no way to calculate ranges based on those captured published dates.....


I think the only solution would be to use something like report builder... get raw daily data into Excel, then convert the publishing date into an actual date field.. then use formulas or a VBA script to process the data, calculate out the 30 days since publishing (or week, or quarter, etc) and then add up the values... unfortunately, this would also work better with a metric like Page Views where you don't run the risk of duplication (like Visits might have).


If you have a Raw Data Feed process and are bring your data into a Data Lake (where you have appropriate data processing to ensure the data is properly representative of what you get in workspace) you could do this better by being able to de-duplicate the visits based on the user and visit number identification....  but if you don't have this, this is a large undertaking and one that probably isn't worth it at this time.