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Match criteria for range of numbers in Classification Rule Builder


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I just want to ask how to create a classification for an eVar that takes the currency amount and buckets them into desired groups. For example, $0-$10, $10-$20, $20-$50, etc.

I am having trouble in entering match criteria for each bucket. Could someone please help me with this? Thank you in advance!

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First off, I assume that the currency amount is already in an eVar, not in a success event.

Also, assuming that your eVar's values are stored as Text, then you can use regular expressions in Classification Rule Builder to build your buckets.

So, assuming that your eVar's values are whole numbers like this:








Then the bucket for "$0-$10" would use regular expression ^\$([0-9]|10)$, i.e. match all values that are from $0 to $10, inclusive of those two numbers.

And the bucket for $11 (not $10, because $10 would have been classified in the above "$0-10" bucket) to $20 would use regular expression ^\$(1[1-9]|20)$

And so on.


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Thank you @yuhuisg!

These are the sample values for that eVar.


I do also follow your advice to use the regular expression


But as I tested it, 9 was unmatched. This should fall on the bucket $0-$10 right?


Would you please give advice on this too? Thank you in advance! Really appreciate it.


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@dev27 the regular expression that I provided assumes that your eVar's values always start with "$", that's why I included the ^\$ part. Read up on regular expressions and try to fix that.