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Markov Chain On Website Navigation


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Hi everyone, 


Given that journey level analysis using flows is very manual, I wanted to explore the area where we can use Markov Chain to create transition matrix from the log files and understand the journey behavior. Also, I was exploring how we can use it for removal effect or even create K Markov models by segmenting customers. All of this can be transitioned into a framework where we can optimize customer journeys and remove friction points backed by data.


It would helpful if someone has prior worked on something similar and generated meaningful insights


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@hk17541 , Great question! I'm reaching out to internal Adobe SME's that should be able to offer some insight soon. Stay tuned!


Adobe Champion

Hey @hk17541 !

Not something I personally have had any experience with in my work, but this article seems to link to some interesting case studies utilizing a "Hidden Markov Model" or HMM via Adobe Experience Platform, using Attribution AI.  https://blog.developer.adobe.com/understand-marketing-channel-effectiveness-using-hidden-markov-mode... 


Hopefully it's a good starting point for diving in to capabilities here!