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We've white labelled our sales funnel so we can create new P2Ps quickly, but I think the URL work that's been done may be causing something weird with Analytics. Forgive my non-techy language...!

For example...on a next page flow report, starting with the page I want to learn more about, the second most popular step in the next page flow is actually the same page, but instead of seeing the s.pagename in the report I'm seeing the URL? I've tried to refresh the page and watch the debugger, but I can't see anything obvious, although I am only using the normal Adobe debugger, not the Chrome extension (it's currently blocked by our IT dept ). Is there anything obvious that I'd be able to check? Cheers!!!!


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You're absolutely on the right track that this is an implementation issue and not a reporting issue. Adobe Analytics is simply reporting on the data it's getting, so to solve it you'll want to feed it the right data.

Typically if you have a working implementation and you get a URL like that, it means that the pageName value was blank. Try taking a look at the source code on that page to see if there are any other s.t() image requests - someone might have left one in accidentally. If the variable you're looking at is page, you won't need to worry about looking for link tracking image requests, as page + page URL are stripped from them.

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Hi Clairea,

Interesting question!

My point of view for this case is as mentioned by abloc82923542 you better use the Developer tool for Chrome browser to cross verify that the s.Pagename should be enable for the particular page.

If you forget to enable s.Pagename in any pages the default value "URL" will be passed as an image request to Adobe analytics platform for this category.





Can you use chromes network tab? Then look for /b/ss/ beacon and under parameters see output. If you turn on preserve log you can then see next beacon.

Ask the web devs is the page a single page app built in something like angular?