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Launch rule firing, analytics not capturing


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The analytics is not firing or capturing though the launch rule is set and firing for the click action on the social share buttons.

Social launch rule_DW.PNG

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@debwilliam Can see your analytics beacon getting fired on network calls?

if yes, can you confirm the status code if it is 200 and also variables receiving expected value along with mapped events? can you Experience cloud debugger or omnibug

If yes, 95% of you should get data in reports. if not, confirm the network call on Charles proxy or Fiddler.


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The other thing to check is that the tracking is going to the correct suite....

Using the tools suggested by @Sujeet_Kharote is good place to start. Using Launch Switch (as I can see in your screenshot) with other tools to see the actual beacon calls gives you a good overall testing setup to see everything that is happening.

Since this is web, you can use your browser's Network panel (filtered to "b/ss") if you don't want to pull up Charles or Fiddler. You can use the "Preserve Log" (highlighted) feature to make sure that your beacons don't clear between page views... (you can manually clear the requests when you choose by using the circled icon)



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Try some browser plugin like Omnibug which tells you what tracking had been sent. It is the same thing as looking at network traffic but easier to understand and more specific to web beacon.