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Issues in sharing project with teammates


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I am a participant of the Adobe Analytics Challenge. I am not sure where I should direct my question to, so I thought of asking here. I and my teammates are unable to share one another projects to collaborate, despite us updating our profile names. Could someone guide us how to solve it? If there is a portal to ask such competition related questions, that would also be fine, would like to know about the same.




Edit 1: I was not able to reply to the post as well. So adding my reply as edits. As a part of the competition, we are using the CJA to develop a project. I have created a workspace project and I am trying to share it to my teammates to collaborate on it. But when I open the project, go to share project, and start typing the profile name of my teammates, I don't find them in the list. We updated our profile names as well,  How do I share them with edit access?

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How are you sharing? Do you get any error when trying to share?


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I am not too familiar with how the contest is set up, but are all of your user accounts part of the same "company" / "organization"?


Having an Adobe account is one thing - this grants you access in some form to Adobe Analytics and CJA, having accounts in the same company is needed to share content between yourselves though.... When you are logged in, up in the right hand corner (beside your profile pic, alerts, help, etc) you should see what company/organization you are logged into (i.e the company to which you have been granted access). 


You all need to be in the same company.