Is there any way to make the data not be automatically updated when I put segments in the segment drop area or adjust the date range? (in adhoc analysis)



Whenever I put the segments in the segment drop area or change the date range at the above side of reports(please check the attached file), the shape of chart and data in table automatically updated.

Like the case  I drag some metrics, dimensions and segments into the table builder(Only in case I click the 'replace table' button the data and chart shape is updated), I'd like to make them not be changed automatically. 

Is there any way to see the updated data and chart after applying all the segments and date range at the above side of reports. (Not seeing automatically updated data each time I modify any value of them)

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Kyung,

When the segment is added/removed/updated, it will automatically update the data based on the rest of the selection. However, I don't believe it should update the date range. If this is happening as described. try getting a fresh AdHoc file and check if it persists. If it does, open a ticket with clientcare so they can have a better look at it.

I tried a few combinations, and the date did not adjust for me when playing around with segments.


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