Is there a way to strip the dclid and fbclid identifiers?

Steve_k 03-10-2019

We track URL and now that our paid social campaigns come to the site with fbclid and dclid reporting is strained.

Is there a filter option in Admin or do we need to solve this via DTM/Launch?

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as far as I know there is no filter option in admin...

possible solutions:

1) Classification

if you use a custom prop/eVar for the URL you can create a classification with a regex rule to "rewrite" the URL. this leaves the original values unchanged (might be needed somewhere else?) while you have a new dimension for the URLs without the params.

2) DTM/Launch

Update the code to record the URL without the desired query parameters. If you are overwriting the default "page URL" variable, I recommend to save the deleted query parameters in a custom prop/evar