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Is the metric "Activity Impression" (seen in AT4 panel in workspace) allowed to be used in segment builder?


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Hi AA experts,


My AA client is asking if the "Activity Impression" can be used in  segment builder? They were trying to do so but it seems not worked, and I even couldn't find this metrics in segment builder in my environment (but saw it in A4T workspace). Does this mean this metric only exist in report level and couldn't break down to hit level for segment builder use? Or if my client's requirement is hope to set a segment to find out all visitors with impressions to specific AT activity, what is the best practices for this in AA?

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I've just checked in my AA account and like you, Activity Impressions isn't available in Segment Builder. In fact, none of A4T's Activity-related metrics are available.

Instead of using Activity Impressions, you can use Target Activities and/or Target Experiences in a Visit segment.