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Integration/app for third-parties


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How can we create an integration on our account that is able to access data on other accounts, ie. "third-party" accounts, similar to a standard OAuth flow?


We are trying to create an "app" in our service, ie. an integration to the Adobe Analytics 2.0 API (the "/reports" endpoint), and want users to be able to use this app by specifying their company, client and other relevant information.


Question 1: what method should we use that results in the user having to configure as little as possible on the Adobe Analytics side and enter as little information as possible on our side?


We are using Java and have generated client-side code from the Swagger API using `codegen.jar`. To experiment, we are calling the API from JUnit tests. We have tried using OAuth (with OAuthFlow.implicit and `OAuthFlow.application`) but get an HTTP 400 "access_denied" error when calling the "POST /reports" endpoint.


Thus, we have abandoned this approach for now and have switched to the JWT method. We have successfully retrieved an access token and are using the IMSClient as an example. Unfortunately, for this approach, we have to build our own API client "framework" as the example only uses raw HTTP connections, etc.


Question 2: is JWT the correct approach for creating the sort of integration we are after?


Finally, I should mention that we are approved as an Exchange Partner.


This question is a duplicate of https://github.com/AdobeDocs/analytics-2.0-apis/issues/112


I should also mention that I have read the community post Creating an OAuth client for a third-party integration? but didn't really find the answer in that.


Any help is appreciated.


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