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Incoming traffic from ads on social media apps


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We use cid tracking to track our campaigns. Recently, there was a campaign launched on LinkedIn which included ads. The ads link to our website. In Workspace, we have a report that shows page views and visits from the campaign; i.e. the page the links navigated to and the cid code used for them. How can I break down traffic from the LinkedIn app ad versus other sources?




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Unfortunately, LinkedIn, like many other apps doesn't consistently identify web from app in the referrers it sends to your site...


If I look at my full referrers (filtered to linkedin), I see a distinct android app referrer:



But I don't see any sort of iOS equivalent. I suspect that iOS just identifies as https://www.linkedin.com/ and doesn't have any way to distinguish app from web....


All Web Analytics would have issues with this, they are at the mercy of the of how the vendor has coded their apps and what information they choose to share.