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how to factor in time spent per visit at a page level


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Hello, I have a question that ive hit a wall with. I have a segment. Lets say it is made up of 9 different pages. This segment is at a visit level

Page A then Page B then Page C then Page D then Page E .......... then Page H1 or Page H2. The segment ends at H. 

I drop this segment into a freeform table and i bring in the metric Time spent (Mins)

Under the segment i drop page in for a break down. Here i am seeing other pages that are not included in my segment. On top of this adobe is factoring the average time spent per visit (min) at 8.8. 

See Example below:

Segment:     visits           Time Spent Mins

Page A          54                          2.0

Page B          54                          .8

Page C          54                          .8

Page D          54                          .7 

Page E          54                           .4

Page F           54                          .3

Page G          54                          .2

Page H1         31                          3.1

Page H2         27                          2.9

Page I            44                          .1

Page J           32                           .1

Page K           21                          .1

Page L           14                          .1

Page m           5                           .2  


Can someone help me understand how adobe weights or factors in the pages that are not included in the segment please? 

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If your segment is defined with a Visit level scope - all hits/pages where a user completed the defined sequence would be included (including before, after, and inbetween the defined sequence).


Time Spent per Visit would be calculated the same way for these pages as other pages. For example, 44 users completed the sequence you defined and also viewed Page I, the average time spend viewing Page I was 0.1 minutes


If you are looking only for details on those specific pages (when the user matches your sequence), perhaps you could  add another container in the segment filtering only to hits to those desired pages. 

  • Segment
  • [VISIT] Page A then Page B then Page C then Page D then Page E ...
  • AND
  • [HIT] contains ANY OF [Page A-H]


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thanks for your answer. Im more so curious about how the total average time is factored. i know that you cant just add up the times spent on each page bc not everyone saw the same pages. So i want to know for those who saw different pages not in the segment. how is their time on those pages factored into the overall average?


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Time spent per visit is calculated based on total time spent/visits. In your visit level segment, it will essentially be adding all the time between hits, including time spent on pages not defined in your sequence. 

  • the 8.8 minutes per visit represents the average time for the entire visit where they viewed the page sequence (and include the time spent on pages outside of this sequence). 

If you are looking for the time specifically for the pages defined in the sequence, you would need to look at adjusting the segment similar to above, which would represent "how long did users spend on these specific pages" during their visit 




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Yep, Visit Level segments will return all page within a visit that match the criteria of the segment... a more complex segment is needed as proposed by @isaakskinner