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How to check if eVars and events are being populated when sending data with 1.4 Data insertion API.


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Good morning,


Is there a place in the admin console/analytics workspace where you can check whether data for the eVars and events that I am using on my 1.4 API requests are populating?


I have checked everywhere and still no able to see my data showing up in my report and always receiving successful responses from the 1.4 Data insertion API:

This is all I see on my logs for all my requests:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <status>SUCCESS</status>



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This could be hard for us to help, since we can't see your suites, your data, or your API calls.... This may require you to contact Client Care so that they can look at the data insertions deeper than what any of us (you included) can see on the surface...


Based on that response, you're right, it looks like it should have worked and you should be seeing data..... I assume this is going into an existing suite and you can see all the dimensions your are inserting (it's just that the data isn't appearing)? Or are you inserting into a new suite, maybe one that needs to be configured in the admin panel to make sure the dimensions and metrics are available at the product level?