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How is eVar sum > 100%



Hello, I’m trying to figure out why some of my percentages when using eVars are adding up to > 100%.
For example, in one of my eVars, "Is Using Push Notifications", the numbers are:

- NO = 76.8%

- YES = 30.6%

- Total = 107.4%

Since this is state, how is that possible that a user could occupy both yes and no? Don't eVars store the state and then replace it when it's updated?



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What metric are you using?


You have to remember that metrics like Visits and Visitors can have both states:


A user could come to the site no with a push notification, and during that visit receive a notification and follow it - resulting in the same Visit having both no and yes states.


The same with Visitors, if a Visitor in the time frame came to you site not through a push, and again later via a push, the UV metric will have both values associated to the Visitor.



eVars don't replace the previously tracked value:

  • Page 1
    • eVarX set to "no"
  • Page 2
    • If you are setting on each page, then eVarX would be reset to "no"
    • If you have logic to only set on the first page, and the eVar is set to Visit level expiry, then "no" will be maintained
  • Push Notification
  • Page 3
    • eVarX will be set to "yes"
  • Page 4
    • Assuming your eVar is Visit, this will then continue to be "yes"... 
    • But if you are setting on every page, you might be overwriting this with "no" accidentally


In the visit above, depending on your tracking, you might be getting "no" on three page and "yes" on one; or "no" on two pages and "yes" on 2 pages