How do I pull data on a CSV list of specific URL's from Adobe Analytics?



I have a CSV of specific URL's I need to pull usage data on in Adobe Analytics. How can I upload this CSV into Adobe Analytics? I know how to pull Page URL, but I need about 200 specific URL's and I shouldn't have to do that manually.

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make a classification "selected" on the URL, upload any value for the desired URL's (eg. "usageData").

example for the upload file:


key      selected

URL1   usageData


URL3   usageData


now you can create a segment for the classified value ("selected" equals "usageData") and run a DataWarehouse request...



I agree with  ursboller creating a SAINT classification on the URL variable will allow you to run reports on the 250 specific URLS.  This makes perfect sense for the use case that you have described

If you are not familiar with SAINT Classifications, here is a good overview - Overview of Classifications in Adobe Analytics - YouTube

As ursboller said, the steps are (at a high level)

1. Create a new classification against your URL (Admin > Report Suite Manager > Edit Settings > Traffic > Traffic Classifications

2. Download the Saint template for the URL variable. You can also download the template with all URLs captured by Adobe so far. (Admin > Classification importer > Browser Export)

3. Use excel to Add a value (e.g. usageData" ) against the list of URLs you want to track and save the file.  (make sure the extension stays .tab)

4. Upload the file into Adobe Analytics (Admin > Classification importer > Import File)

You can then run a report using the classification.



I'm sorry, but this doesn't make sense. I have 250 URLs I need data on. And where is the CSV imported? Would you mind outlining this step by step from start to finish, please?