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How can I show the data from my click events?


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Hello Adobe community and masters!


So I created some events on my code and I am doing track of them any time a user click in our page.


So what is the option to add this to my report? like a Fallout report for example? I am confuse about that , or can someone share a tutorial video?


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Hi @hmenchaca12 ,


I would start by reviewing the following video on using Dimensions and Metrics in Analysis Workspace, here.

Once you are comfortable with these components, you can search for custom events in the Search Components bar. If they haven't been given friendly names yet, you can search for their event number, e.g. "event14", but you can also go into Admin > Report Suites to reach the report suite manager. Within, you can select the report suite you are using, select edit settings, and then choose the options Conversion > Success Events which takes you to a menu to enable/rename the events to match their use. This will allow you to set a custom name for the events that you are using within your code.