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How Can I get Classifications to Output Correctly to the New Report?


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I am cross posting this to the Marketing Cloud Forum as well.

I am currently creating classification hierarchies for custom variables that were built onto my website.  It is a content site that has videos and games and various other things on it.  As a test, I wanted to take the various video and game names (and other site contents) and dump them into classifications to make an easier to read report.  However, after going through the steps, the new classification report only has one row- "Unspecified" with the total traffic as the metric.  How can I fix this?

Here is the process of what I did:

  1. Went into report suites, found the Traffic Variable "Page Name" and created a classification titled "Page Name Classification Test."  I also added in optional drop downs such as "Homepage", "Games", "Videos" etc for the different data buckets I want.
  2. Went to Classification Importer and Browser Exported the classification from the Page Name variable.  Exported everything at the default settings.
  3. I then went to my Page Name report to extract all the data from it, so that I would have the Key Names for my classification. I copied the page names into the exported Tab  (which I opened with the default delimiters).
  4. Here is an example of what my workbook would look like:
    ## SCSiteCatalyst SAINT Import Filev:2.1
    ## SC'## SC' indicates a SiteCatalyst pre-process header. Please do not remove these lines.
    ## SCD:2014-11-13 08:22:53A:300000584:1005
    KeyPage Name Classification Test
    fun gameGames 
    video clipVideos 
  6. I save the file as a .txt and successfully upload it to the report/variable.
  7. I check my output and the attachment is what I got.

Any insight into why this is happening? Is there some syntax error I'm missing in my classification workbook?

Thank you


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Maybe you'll find something useful in here: http://helpx.adobe.com/analytics/kb/common-saint-upload-issues.html