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High Session refresh


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we have a very high session refresh rate. What's the best way to investigate why this rate is so high?

Example URL which has high session refresh:






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Hi @SebastianMe4,


I would just like to confirm if the URL you posted is the actual page that is setting the Marketing Channel (i.e the Instance of Marketing Channel) or is it just a page within a Visit identified by the Session Refresh Marketing Channel?


This one could be hard to look into... basically "Session Refresh" is when a user leaves your site open and doesn't interact for over 30 mins, then hits a page (or refreshes - which is likely since Chrome has a tendency to auto-refresh tabs that were in the background)... that first page's referrer is an internal value...


And unfortunately, when the page is refreshed, the header data stays the same, so you won't even be able to know if its this page being refreshed.... 



Is this distribution of Marketing Channels similar for your whole website, or just something you noticed when digging into specific pages? If a group of pages, is there something common among them... something that would be a reason for people to leave them open long term? Maybe even internal traffic from your own business users (who are not excluded from tracking) could be causing some strange behaviours....


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Hi @Jennifer_Dungan ,


it's just a page page that drives the most session refresh. I created a freeform table breaking the traffic down by Last Touch Channel (that's the screenshot you see) and then breaking down the Session Refresh by page URL. 

These are not pages that should stay open that long to end a session. There's not much content on it. 


The pages shown under the breakdown by page URL are all pages where no login is required. This is suspicious. 

But the Visitor ID stays the same, 1st event in logged out state and 2nd event after login. 


For login there's a pop up to a third party authentication. Could this be causing the issue?



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The only thing I can think of is to review your Marketing Channel rules? "Session Refresh" isn't the standard name of that rule, so maybe something else was changed that break how that rule is triggered? Maybe it's not limiting itself to the "first page of the visit" and thus it's being set multiple times within the visit?