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GeoTag Specific


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Hi All,


We are planning to implement a tag in our website, but we don't want it to get dropped in certain geographies.

can anyone help us with a solution to identify the visitors from these Geo and not allowing tag to get dropped for them.


Thank You.


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The problem is that GeoLocation is part of post-processed data... if you need to control when a tag gets added to a page based on location, you will need to have a custom solution for that... 


Does your website have any sort of location identification code that you can leverage?


If you don't trying to implement something usually means creating an API call to a third party service to determine the location of the user (either based on shared Latitude and Longitude, or based in IP Address... either way, its a lot of code you will have to create.


Here is an article I found regarding identify a user's location: