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Export a segment to Clickstream


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While working on a project I am asked to get a segment exported (at the same level of granularity) to clickstream (which does not have the segment). I want to avoid rewriting the segment logic out of Adobe. Is there any way to achieve this? 
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Hi @shrutichanda ,

Segments are simply not available in clickstream data, no matter using Data Feed or Livestream API, since segments could be defined at "Visit" and "Visitor" levels which both go beyond the scope of a single hit.

Clickstream data means to provide the "raw" data so you need to reimplement logic by yourself for many features available in AA UI.


Employee Advisor

Segments are not available for Clickstream Data Feeds. You may need to run queries on the data to get the required output. If it is a business need, you can work with Adobe Engineering Services to apply a segment to specific Data Feeds.


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@shrutichanda This is all too correct.  Segments are purely a convenience of Adobe Analytics.  When you use the term "Clickstream" you are invoking the RAW data flow, as my fellow Adobe Community Advisor and Adobe Champion@leocwlau, has stated.  Please be advised if you do engage Adobe Engineering Services, it will not be without cost to your organization.  This is just the nature of the beast.  

Make sure to check in with your with your product support contacts and your TAM, if you have one.

Jeff Bloomer