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Event ID Serialization - Is eventID case-sensitive?


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Hi Team,


I would like to know if the eventID in event ID serialization is case sensitive.

i.e.,  If visitor A sends event1:ABC then visitor B sends event1:abc, will Adobe ignore the second instance from visitor B.


Thank you



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Hi @HarshaHa1 

as many things in AA, I would assume it is case sensitive.


I think as a best practice, I would always make sure any kind of ID is lowercase'd to avoid this kind of accidental mix-ups.


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While I can't find anything specific to this, I did find that PurchaseID and TransactionID are care sensitive, and since these are basically reserved event serialization items, my suspicion is that normal event serialization would also be case sensitive....


If no one here can offer a concrete answer, you could try reaching out to Client Care to be sure.