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Eloqua tag not working if implemented via launch


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Launch has the capability of placing third party tags on the site, but recently i happened to do a third-party tag Eloqua via launch. we are not able to see any data being collected in Eloqua tool post a month, basically the tagging done via launch is not found to be working.

Please post any such experience or solution in this scenario.


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I don't know enough about the Eloqua tag to offer a lot of support... but there could be a number of reasons it's failing... from there being a JS issue in the code, to the script being added too late in the page/execution to fire properly... Without seeing what is happening this will be hard to advise on...


First, I would turn on the Launch debugger:

// Turn it on:

// Turn it off:


To see when the rule is triggering.. I would also look closing for errors in the browser console that might indicate an issue....


Good luck