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Dynamic File Name in Adobe Analytics Data Feed


Adobe Champion

In data warehouse, I can create a data extract that updates the file name dynamically with %R. Can I do this in data feeds too?

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Employee Advisor

@gbenammi2 - I don't think it is possible as standard Data Feed files use fixed naming conventions: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/analytics/export/analytics-data-feed/data-feed-contents/data....

Though you can work with our Engineering Services team and have a custom data feed setup for you (that might be a paid engagement).

Thank you!


Employee Advisor

Your data feed files already have the date and time appended to the file depending on the configuration. 


Daily, single file: [rsid]_[YYYY-mm-dd].[compression_suffix]
Daily, multiple files: [index]-[rsid]_[YYYY-mm-dd].[compression_suffix]
Hourly, single file: [rsid]_[YYYYmmdd]-[HHMMSS].[compression_suffix]
Hourly, multiple files: [index]-[rsid]_[YYYYmmdd]-[HHMMSS].[compression_suffix]


You can refer this (which Ishan shared as well) : Data Feed contents - overview