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Does Adobe populates 'Unspecified' if there is no value populated in the data layer variable


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In few of the Adobe reports, I am seeing Unspecified holds more traffic. When I checked the data layer variables, there is no value populated until user logs in. I mean on pre login pages, these data layer variables holds empty values. Does Adobe populate Unspecified if there is no/empty value in data layer variables? Or else any other reason for Unspecified.

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Adobe Analytics gives the 'Unspecified' value for the variable which is not defined and that particulat varibale don't have any value in an Image request. 


However, request to please


1. check the metrics which you are using, as if you are seeing any variable with Visits/unique visitors metrics then the 1st line item would be 'Unspecified'. 

2. check the data layer variables mapping with the Adobe Anallytics variable i.e. props & eVars.


Hope this will help.


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Just to add to this, because eVars are "conversion" variables, the original usage was to hold/maintain values to be used against your conversion events....


So person entered the site and you tracked "Campaign = X"... when several pages later the user converted, the campaign would no longer be in the URL, but the eVar would still have the value "X"... But when you are checking against your conversion, you want to see everything, so you would have Unspecified as the "no value" placeholder.



  (total)                        137

Unspecified                 65

Campaign X                48

Campaign Y                24



In your freeform tables, you can hide Unspecified by clicking the filter on your dimension header, and de-selecting the check box:




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Adding on another consideration:

From the way that you have written your question, it sounds like you assume that having a value in your data layer would automatically result in that value being tracked and reported in Adobe Analytics. If you're assuming that, then that is not correct.

Values in the data layer remain in the data layer. But if your analytics implementation does not pick up that value to be tracked, then that value will not be reported.

Example: when your user logs in, you have the value "logged in" in your data layer. But in your Analytics implementation, you didn't configure any eVar to be set with that "logged in" value. In that case, you will never see "logged in" being reported with any of your Analytics dimensions.