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Does Activity Map track input type="button"?


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One of our site owners is not getting Activity Map data for a dropdown menu. The code for this is: 

<input type="button" value="Go" class="dropDownButton">

Which seems to be valid per this line from Adobe's docs:

"Is this an INPUT tag or SUBMIT button with a value or child text?"


It *is* an input tag and has a value. The other part of this is that we have some JS that listens for the click on the input to perform the action. But again, Adobe's docs seem to say that Activity Map should be capturing the clicks. 


Any ideas about what might be happening here? Do I have it wrong and Activity Map doesn't capture clicks on an input type="button"?

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Your understanding of Activity Map is correct. It does detect clicks on INPUTs.

But you also mentioned that there's a JS script that listens for clicks on the INPUTs. That script might be interfering with Activity Map's detection, e.g. if your script uses "preventDefault()".


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The script does not use preventDefault(), which was a surprise at first, but I guess an input with type="button" isn't the same as type="submit" or a button tag.


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As stated here: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/analytics/analyze/activity-map/link-tracking/link-tracking-f...


"Button tags with the attribute type=“button” are not considered to be links by AppMeasurement. Consider removing type=“button” on the button tags and adding role=“button” or submit=“button” instead."