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Disable Mobile Property for Production


Level 3


I have a Mobile property on AEP Data Collection (former Launch).

I set the property only to pass data do Report Suite, no any rule is set.


If I want disable production environment, is it sufficient to publish a library where all is disable, is it correct?

Meanwhile i can continue to work on development and staging environment publish only on these two environments a library where all is enabled.


Is it correct?


Many thanks

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Level 4

Yes @aleber If you only no rules and you only configured the property with report suite, the ONLY other thing you should check is the Adobe Analytics extension, check if you are setting any global variables, link tracking or anything in custom code as highlighted below.



After checking this, you can disable the library and continue testing in stage/dev environments by configuring them.


Level 4

Yes @aleber It is the same for a mobile property as well, you just need to check the extensions to ensure nothing is being set there.