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Different values for the same day if I checked it at different days


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Hi Community,

It has come to our attention that Adobe Analytics is showing us different values depending on which day we looked at the dashboard.

As an example: We looked at our dashboard on January 18th and for the previous days we have the following values:
January 15: 0
January 16th: 12
January 17th: 17

On January 19 we look again at the same dashboard and get different (less) values for the above mentioned days e.g.:
Jan 15: 0
January 16th: 1
January 17th: 2

The values are from the Facebook(meta) channel!


Does anyone have any ideas what this could be due to?

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What is the metric for those values?

Do you have any segment(s) applied to that dashboard?

If possible, please show a screenshot of your report table.



Hi @Hanna_Heider ,

Is it an event or an evar? For something to be a metric - it has to be either an inbuilt Adobe metric or an event that is tracked through your implementation?
Can you also please help how this metric is being trigerred and tracked ? I mean to get the definition of this event?