Difference Between POST vs. GET Request Methods




I wasn't able to find an answer to this in the support documents. I started noticing some Adobe Analytics firing a GET request and some firing a POST request. What's the primary between the two?

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Here is a ref


AppMeasurement for JavaScript and Flash now send image requests using POST in some circumstances to avoid request truncation that occurs at 2000 bytes in some browsers. After this update, Internet Explorer 8+ will no longer truncate request data at 2000 bytes, reducing errors and data loss for some variables. For example, if the browser is Internet Explorer 9 and the image URL is 1900 bytes, then the request is sent using HTTP GET. If it is 2100 bytes, the request is sent using HTTP POST. Note that the Adobe Debugger does not inspect hits sent using HTTP POST. If the Adobe Debugger doesn’t show data in Internet Explorer, use a packet analyzer or the built-in network tools to examine the network traffic directly, or inspect the hit in a browser that does not truncate URLs, such as Chrome or Firefox. This functionality requires AppMeasurement for JavaScript 1.4.1+ and the visitor ID service 1.3.2+.

Source: https://marketing.adobe.com/resources/help/en_US/whatsnew/09182014.html

I also found nice blog post about this “issue” and how you can make a detour for this new setting: (But I would recommend to use the trick just for testing/debugging purposes)
http://www.searchdiscovery.com/blog/validating-adobe-analytics-http-posted-tags-pain-relief-formula/ I ain’t Justin, but I clap for you too Stewart, fantastic blog post about this issue!