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Datawarehouse UI improvement


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Is it me or is the Data warehouse UI really unfriendly? I face the following challenges when I use the feature:


1. If I have to send data to an FTP the pop up takes forever to fully load.

2. Everytime I have to enter the same FTP location- why cannt this information be just saved?

3. There is no way to see the summary of the Request before hitting the send button thus the delivery option that is chosen is often not right

4. After hitting send instead of being re-directed to the status of the request I have raised it takes me to the home page

5. The default UI shows request in no order, I would like to see only the requests that I have raised in newest to oldest. No provision for this


Will the product team ever update this?



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Data Warehouse hasn't been updated in a long time, I think many of these could be logged as ideas for us to upvote...


Some notes on a few of your points:

1. It's a little slow yes, I haven't noticed it take that long.... but I agree, improvements to loading time is always a good thing


2. Agreed, I keep FTP notes handy so that I can copy and paste the info, but having saved or recently used (by user - someone else shouldn't see my FTP info, and I shouldn't see theirs) would be amazing!


3. Hmm maybe cause I always send in CSV, and the preview on the main page is enough for me, I have never had an issue in that regard.. I would love to hear more about what kind of preview you are thinking about


4. Yeah, this could use a little tweaking to make it easier


5. The Default UI is ordered.... Long running schedules are first and ordered in their priority, these can be moved around to ensure that the most important requests are processed first when multiple items are scheduled for the same time... everything with arrows are these long running schedules:




All of these items can be dragged and dropped into the order of your choice, and that order will stay that way until changed. You will also notice that all these items perpetually have "Scheduled" as their status:



After these, everything is ordered by newest to oldest requests....


I see no reason to change this particular setup... It would be nice if I could change the default "Show X Items" to that I can see all my scheduled items and my most recent items when I open the page without having to do this or paginate to where my new requests are... 


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@Jennifer_Dungan thanks for echoing some of the points here. Hope this gets upvoted soon as people like me use this daily(even more than workspace).