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Data Validation 2 Apps in one report suite


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Hi team,


I have 2 Apps data flowing in one report suite. Have separate variable to segregate the 2 Apps data

Recently did cross app campaign activity traffic flowing from one app to another.

Implemented banner clicks on source app through

 evar for e.g. evar x capturing banner name and applied visits as metric to know how much of my traffic clicked on source app and appended campaign query parameter on the same banner to provide me data around visits and conversions on destination. Interestingly difference of 10,000 visits exist when I check source visits that clicked the banner vs how many visits reached my other app. Interestingly when I check that where did my visits get lost, I broke it down by operating system and it tells as follows: source : banner clicks Android -20K and iOS - 10K 

Destination : campaign evar dimension: Android 9K

iOS 11K

How can IOS have more when clicks being reported when less clicks happened at source and why is Android not capturing at the destination? Any help would be appreciated
























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A few questions:


Does your app force people to upgrade? Or allow them to keep running old versions? 


When did you implement the campaign tracking? Could it be that the second app isn't updated? (If yes to the question above, is it possible that the click is being tracked because it's a new enough version, but the second app hasn't been updated and doesn't have the tracking in place?)


Is it possible, in the Android case, that the users don't have the second app installed? And therefore the click is registered, but there is no corresponding app to capture the incoming traffic?


For iOS (more incoming than outgoing clicks)... Is it possible that the campaign tracking is being tracked on both the lifecycle call and the first page (causing multiple tracking for one incoming referral?) Or, I've seen instances in our own app where the page "loads twice" causing duplicate tracking... when the app was opened via a deep link... I had to get our developers to fix that in our case.



Have you run the integrated scenario through rigorous testing to see if you can spot any issues?



These are just a few scenarios that come to mind, there may be others that I haven't yet considered....