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Hi folks,

How can I use data feeds to pull out reports,


1 dimension, 2 metrics and 1 calculated metrics.

Is there any restriction on the data volume. Expected rows for 3 months is around 30,000.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




You cannot pull calculated metrics via Data Feeds.

Data feeds do not have size limitations. At the end of each day, the data for the day is processed and delivered to you via FTP.

It can deliver either one compressed file or multiple compressed file of 2GB of size each.

Each compressed file will contain the data plus additional lookup files.

Data feed requires you to do your own processing of the data

Ideally you might want to extract only post column as it will hold the value post all processing steps from Adobe Analytics.

Data feed is the raw data as it is being received and you will need to import it in a database and create queries to output what you want to see. If you want to ovoid this, Data Warehouse might be more suited for what you want to do.

There is also an options when you built a report in Adobe Analytics (not Analysis Workspace), to export data using "...more" >> Extract Data . Data Extracts can process a maximum number of 50,000 rows in a single request.

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Answers (5)




The complexity to get the report from Data feeds would totally depend on the dimension and metrics you are looking for.

Can you share some information regarding those?




why dont you use a warehouse export?

you can set up scheduled exports as well, might be easier to maintain (if you dont need more information than described)

but be careful, not all calculated metrics are available in data warehouse export: you should see the availability when creating/modifying the metric (below preview data graph)