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We are trying to implement the below scenario in our project and need help on how can i achieve the same.

* Internal Search Keyword and Category of Search are being captured in Adobe Analytics .

* AEM wants the two variables from Analytics , to display say top 5 keywords in each category on the page.

I am aware of the Data feed option in Adobe Analytics wherein we can downstream data to some FTP/sFTP/Amazon S3 , in batch mode (Hourly/Daily) and then the downstream system which is AEM needs to write some code in reading the analytics feed file and do some basic massaging of data to find top 5 keywords in category wise.

But , i am looking a solution like below . Please let me know which solution can be possible and how can i achieve that or i have to just go with the above mentioned approach .

The primary solution i am looking here is to avoid AEM writing any code that reads the analytics feed file from FTP/sFTP/Amazon S3 . Rather it should be automated process using some API

Solution 1: I want to create a report in Adobe Analytics  which talks about top 5 search keywords in category wise and export that report to AEM using any API . This helps in reducing the effort at AEM on massaging the data to identify the top keywords in category wise.

Solution 2: I will create the data feed with the two variables , but i want to send the file to AEM via some API.



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Accepted Solutions (1)



No not yet . But I asked my team mate (AEM developer ) to write some code in java to hit the adobe analytics rest API . If you are AEM developer or good in Java , you can give a try and please let me know if it works for you.

You can get the webservices username and shared secret from Adobe Analytics -> Admin -> User Management-> Against your ID.

PFB the links for your reference. All the best.

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Answers (2)




The reporting API is definitely going to be your best bet here. Getting Started | Adobe Developer Connection

Basically use the API to pull the top search keywords, and you can build any kind of report you'd like with that data. No data feeds or FTP's necessary.