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Data Collection Translation


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We have multiple language-specific pages within our domain. Some data we collect (CTAs, Article Titles, etc.) are not in EN and are collected in the region's native language. I have not seen a solution for translation in Analytics or Launch - is there a solution or alternative for this?

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So I think you need to clarify a bit by what you want translated.


The data you capture is typically front end web based so the various language formats entered are dependant on the end users browser. Adobe captures language agnostic so whatever you enter(providing its character encoding isn't bad) will be entered.




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@czmudzin - As Pablo mentioned, the data entered is sent and collected in the reports. Ensure that the character encoding is UTF-8.


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Using buttons as an example, you are capturing the "button text", so when it is English you capture the text "click here" as it is what is displayed to the user, and "cliquez ici" when it is French as that is the text being displayed. There will not be any translation solution as the tracking is doing what it means to be, capturing the text displayed.

If the ask is having the same button in different languages being tracked as "the same button", you should track a "button id" instead of the text, however, managing "button id" could be a painful process and require a huge effort.

Moreover, even if your site has one single language, most modern browsers provide a translation function for visitors from different languages to translate the page live using online services. So if the language on information being captured is a concern, it is better not to capture what is being displayed directly but to have some additional attibutes added to those components and use them for tracking.

Like the "button id" mentioned above, you can have additional "data" attributes in any HTML tag which is not displayed to visitors, in a consistent/preferred language, and use them in tracking.


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If you have multiple language-specific pages within your domain and you're collecting data in the region's native language that is not in English (EN), there are a few solutions or alternatives you can consider for translation in analytics or launch:


  • You can use third-party translation or website localization services or APIs to translate the collected data from the native language to English or any other desired language. These services often provide machine translation capabilities that can help automate the process.

  • If you have programming expertise, you can write custom scripts or programs to translate the collected data. Depending on your analytics or launch platform, you may be able to integrate these scripts to automate the translation process.

  • Some analytics platforms allow you to create custom variables or dimensions. You can use these features to store the collected data in both the native language and its translated equivalent. This way, you can track and analyze the data in multiple languages.