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Creating a Prop in Analytics and Launch - doing double work??


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Do I have this correct that if I want to capture a Prop in Analytics, and I am using Launch, I have to add the Prop in two locations?


In Adobe Analytics:

Analytics > Admin > Report Suites > Traffic > Traffic Variables > Property > and add the Prop here?

In Adobe Launch:

Extensions > Analytics > Global Variables > and add the prop there as well??


That seems so inefficient.  I must have this wrong?? I am getting this from the online training as an FYI.

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It's not inefficient, it is exactly the right thing to do. Adobe Analytics and Adobe Launch are two different products.

  • Adobe Analytics is the product that collects tracking data about your users and collates them into usable reports.
  • Adobe Launch is a tag manager that helps you manage the marketing and analytics tags in your website or app. Launch by itself does not perform any kind of reporting. You can use Launch to manage non-Adobe tags too, e.g. Facebook, Google Analytics, etc.

So it is important to understand what each product does. One is not directly related to the other.


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Well I find it to be inefficient. I know exactly what both products do. But if I go to the trouble of setting up the prop in launch, you’d think that would pass that back to analytics without having to set up the same prop in analytics again. It doesn’t make sense