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create a logic for an evar ( Cart abandonment)


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Can someone help me to create a logic for one of my evars - Cart Abandonment.

The logic for Cart Abandonment - Ideally product added on the cart 7 days and more and order not placed till current date.

Appreciate your help.



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This is an interesting concept... I need some time to think about it... normal flows are X then Y... not X then not Y.


And adding the 7 day logic will mean we need to be careful in how to craft this....


Community Advisor

I think you should be able to do this with a segment:



    VISITOR Container [

        Cart Additions exists



    VISITOR Container (EXCLUDE) [

        Cart Additions exists

        THEN Within 7 Days

        Orders exists





This should return Visitors that Had a Cart Addition, then exclude Visitors that completed an Order in 7 Days... but the problem here is that Visitors who make several add to carts / orders things could get messy because you are using Visitor which looks at everything that visitor did...


So if you are looking at a year's worth of data, things will get messy... if you are looking at a rolling 7 Days, there should be less potential for conflict...


Community Advisor

Hey @UdayashriGo 

I am assuming since you mentioned eVar logic, you would store a product value in it ?


Here's what you can try, when someone adds a product to the cart, put the name of the product in a localstorage variable along with the day the product was added. You can add multiple products separated by a delimiter like a '|' 


Then when they order that product, you remove them from the localstorage variable. localstorage variable remain in the storage till the user manually deletes them, so all the products and their day of cart addition can remain in the storage and you can grab the values wherever you need to map them based on the current day minus the day of cart addition.


I havent tried it yet but thinking out loud. Give it a shot for a shorter duration and see if it works or else let us know what value should go in the eVar and what is it that you are trying to solve for.